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The argument about the brass was never that it was impossible to get. The argument was that "for handloaders, the cost to handload them was the same" and I am certain that's not the case.

Good, used .44 Magnum brass is widely available and it's fractional to the cost of ordering a hundred pieces of Starline from Midway.

If you simply wish to open a wallet and order new brass, Graf & Sons will even sell you a bag of 8mm Nambu, it was never about .41 Mag being impossible. When my buddy dropped good money for his gorgeous Model 657 and asked me to help him feed it, he simply punched up Starline and ordered 500 pieces of .41 Mag brass, it was no hassle whatsoever.

.44 Mag, on the other hand, I happened to have like 800 pieces of it on hand already, and this was before I even bought my revolver.

When talking purely about the costs associated with handloading a round or comparing two, it's always going to be about two factors. The cost and availability of the brass, and the cost, variety and availability of the slugs. That's where the money goes.

That's why .44 Mag is cheaper...even for the veteran handloader.

Not a deal breaker, just not an accurate argument to say that it's a wash.
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