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I am reloading the 6.8 and its costing me:
brass .55
primer .35
bullet .20
powder .11
Thats once fired brass, so $1.21 a round or $24.20 for 20.
You really should re-use that spendy brass .... $.55/5 firings = $.11 ..... Even brand new brass is $25/50 @Cabela's .... that's only 10 cents a pop if you use it 5 times....

..... Are you really spending $.35 on a primer? Gold cup on that is there?

I'll assume you meant 3 1/2 cents, which is what I've been paying for Winchester primers @ Cabela's......

10+3.5+20+11=44 and a half, I think ...... somebody is either bad at math or shopping, I think..... 44 cents per shot is certainly cheaper than you can load 30-06 ...... or even buy it in milsurp, unless it is some really crappy corrosive stuff that might go ban when you pull the trigger....

Hornady's 6.8 SST load is cheaper than their 30-06 SST hunting load..... compare apples to apples.
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