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I was told by my daughter about 2PM today(1-1-13) that the wolf season closed.
A quick call into the information phone number also told that the season is now closed. I posted last night that there were 22 wolves left for season quota and again this morning I checked and the numbers remained the same.
I then checked the web site and the information there is the NW season is OPEN and the count is listed as PENDING!
We have a situation here now, those that call in hear a closed message and it's conflicting on the web!
Why am I not surprised???

EDIT: 01/02/2013 1600hrs
The web site is listing the season
Closes end of shooting/trapping hours Jan. 3 181* 187
So there are 6 remaining to quota and the day's registrations are not complete for another 5.5 hr.
BUT, the phone call-in that is a requirement is still stating the season is closed.
Well, I think the quota will fill and I made a call to the trapper that got MY hunting tag and told him to "GET WITH IT"! ! !
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