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Glenn Dee makes has some points why you shouldn't CCW at impractical locations.
Someone please explain to me how carrying a gun at the beach, in the sand, by the water is practical.
How soon we forget about Tarawa & Iwo Jima. Those fights took part on the beach. And near the water too. I'd say those M1 Garands & 1911s had a practical use. Should I have to expain to you why I want to exercise any of my other rights? Or is it just about guns for now?
As a can of pepper spray would be a lot more practical, reasonable…
So who need to pack a snub .38 Special when pepper spray is at hand?
A beach patrol armed with a handgun, A/R, and a shotgun most probably has very little to do with need
The Los Angeles City Council felt the same way about their officers having the option to carry AR-15s. Say Hello to the two creeps at the North Hollywood Bank Robbery.
rare is the instance when a firearm can be legally used to make up the difference.
I guesss you are right, Mr. Glenn Dee. But you are going to have tell America's CCW ers to turn them in; not me.

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