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Thank you so much for sharing. Awesome first deer! I was in my late teens before I shot a racked buck. He's starting it off right. Sounds like you are doing all the right things by him. Can't wait to get my son started but he's just 4. A lot of the best memories with my dad and grandpa were in the field. To me there is no better quality time than sitting in a deer stand with your dad or grandpa or mentor. I got to be a part of a 14 year old girl shooting her first deer with her dad on my families land last year. I had taken them out and put them in one of my best spots and I'll be dangled if she didn't kill the biggest buck of the year. A 135 inch 8 pt. they were both in tears when I got on the scene. What an awesome right we have to get out there and enjoy nature with our families.

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