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I bought my American in March and have a review here at TFL . Mine is in 308 and like yours shoots great .

I only have about 250/300 rounds through it and there is one thing I have found to be an issue . The stock will make contact with the barrel when I used a bipod or a rest . It has just enough give and not enough space and mine DID touch and it effected my accuracy .

What I did was sanded the barrel Chanel in the stock using a piece of 1/2" rubber conduit as a sanding block . It worked great and I was able to give the barrel about 1/16 to 3/32 of more room all the way around it . The stock is still just as ridgid as before but it's pretty hard to make the stock touch the barrel now . Before just semi light pressure on the stock with my fingers and I could make the stock touch the barrel .

These are some after sanding pictures

This picture from the under side , you can really tell how much room there is now for the barrel to float

All in all I love the rifle and would recommend it .
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