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Help me identify this 586 no-dash scope mount (see pics)

I am going tomorrow morning to look at this 586 to buy, and it has a scope. But its a no-dash, which means it was not factory drilled and tapped for a scope mount. I think the factory drilled and tapped started in the dash 3 or 4 models.

My question is, can anyone tell if the use of this specific mount means that the gun has been drilled and tapped by the owner or his gunsmith, or is it possible it uses the factory holes that the rear sight uses. I dont plan to take it off before I buy it, just isn't feesible. If it looks like it was installed correctly and is sitting soundly and aligned, I will probably assume that it was installed correctly, drill holes or no.

If someone can tell me what brand of scope mount it is, I can then track down the install instructions and tell that way. Thank you for any input you can give. The scope is a Tasco red dot.


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