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Tomrkba I tried to find your posted gun on the Ruger site but couldn't find it. Can you post a Link? I like it.

I have two SS revolvers, An early first year gun and a later 1986 made gun. I like both. The early gun is like a S&W model 15 in 357 mad and the later gun is like a model 19 S&W.

I also have a SS 6" GP-100 and love it. Frankly I like the new lockwork over the old lockwock. The only thing wrong with the the GP guns is the weight. If Ruger could put them on a diet they might be the best 357s ever made.
"Those who cannot cleanly dispatch their game using a .30-30 are either shooting too far, hunting inappropriate (too large) game, or are simply incompetent." Mic McPherson
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