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huntinaz I think you may have missed the point. I believe there was a flair of sarcasm in the thread title.

When one looks at some of the viable evidence out there (not just the list in the OP) it is certainly worth a look on the part of the professionals who prescribe these medications. Perhaps a thorough study could identify some red flags for these doctors to educate family members of the patient to watch for. The sad part is many of these meds have warnings in the fine print that most people don't read. I feel the doctors prescribing these drugs should make sure to inform the patient of the risks. If the patient is thought to be at risk of violence a family member should be contacted. I realize privacy is an issue but these folks could only benefit from the support of someone who loves and cares for them.

One has to wonder if depression is an emotional issue and the drug prescribed suppresses that emotion, what other emotions such as empathy, sympathy or compassion might be subdued?

I don't see this as the cause of violent, suicidal or homicidal behavior but it certainly could be a contributing factor in some cases.

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