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Like several others have said, I like the chrony to verify the actual velocity. That info is useful for keeping safe pressure, building a trajectory card for longer range shooting where a few hundred fps in muzzle velocity can make a significant difference in amount of bullet drop especially past 350 yds.

I was loading some 9mm practice ammo a couple years ago and was having misfeeds in my semi auto pistols. I shot through the chrony and found the powder I was using was producing 950 fps instead of 1100+ predicted by the charts. I switched powder, it ran 1150 fps and have had no more misfeeds.

I enjoy shooting groups from the bench so I entertain myself by tweaking various loads and bullets for my rifles trying to find the magic recipe that is better than the rest, but so far it seems my rifles can only shoot as good a group as they can shoot and that is as good as it gets. Chrony is fun for measuring consistency and velocity difference I get by changing a load by half grain or 1 grain, and using different primers, or cases with the same bullet or load. I find all that interesting, but mostly it is also an excuse to shoot alot and keep loading more.
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