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The batman theater shooting was just diabolical in nature. It is a situation were perhaps if one or two people had a gun in the theater, it might not of have done anything. However, even though he threw smoke people could likely still see the flash of his rifle. In less he had a flash suppressor, but even then the sound would emanate from one area. The element of surprise is an advantage the spree shooters have. However, if one has a weapon on them that element is also transferred to you. For instance, he doesn't know who has the gun so he won't be able to shoot you first. Furthermore, it would cause the shooter to perhaps at least run for cover or fear for his life this could prevent more deaths until the cops come. In some situations yes unfortunately even having a gun would not help. But, certainly not all of them, the intimidation factor of being shoot at will certainly ring in the killers mind and decisions. For example, watch the actions of these cowards once the police arrive IE either surrender or commit suicide.Now, if everyone had a gun they likely would all know where the bad guy is at. For example, if you are at a party and one person starts throwing water ballon's you all know who threw it first and from where.

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