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I really like the GSG 1911-22(the Sig's sister pistol). The only flaw I have with them is the finish. They scuff easily, but at the $300 price point, it is a minor flaw. I had a GSG but gave it to my uncle, he fell in love with it. It was harder for him to find one, he is elderly and lives in Fairbanks,AK. So rather than him having to wait on one, I gave him mine. I had put around 1000-1200 rounds through it, he has put 4x that through it. It is still plinking...

The magazines can be a tad costly(IMHO) but not horribly overpriced. They are fun and accurate. So please if you get one post photos, so it will motivate me to buy another If I were going to choose though between the 1911-22 and a MkIII or Buckmark. I would choose the MkIII or Buckmark. They are solid well built accurate pistols.
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