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Slugs/other for pure power

I have a new Mossberg 500 Special Purpose, the one with the teeth on the end.

I installed the phoenix kicklite six position recoil reducing stock. (by installed I mean turned one bolt)

(pic attached)

Question on slugs or other rounds, what is the most aggressive hard hitting thing you can shoot from it legally as a civilian.

I have looked online at the videos of the dduplecks rounds, they look impressive and the videos are as well.

But so are the Remington slugger rounds actually they appear to hit the hardest of anything I have seen some out of a 12g EVER, that is one sick hit!

I know there are some specialty steel penetrators like Paraklese makes, they are marked civilian.

Here is the deal, I know it is all relative to target, so I get the lead/expansion and steel/penetration aspects. But I want to know opinions of those that will engage the argument of what is the most powerful thing you can shoot from this weapon.

Say someone is wearing body armor, perhaps behind a brick wal, blow a hole through it, or rearrange the internal organs from shear impact, or both, I think you get the point...

I keep 000 and 00 for HD or most scenarios where the 12g would be handy, however it is the largest bore weapon I own, and I know it can produce some utterly devastating terminal ballistics.

The new range I just joined has some remote ranges where they let you shoot just about anything and I would like to see just what the upper end of 12g destruction can be. So I would like to pick up a few rounds of different types and see for my own eyes what I might like to keep a few more boxes of in my ammunition store.

Anyone have any opinions or products to suggest sampling?
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