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From my memory I believe the 12 inch minimum was after the horrible Miami FBI killings. Before that incident I believe 6-8 inches was acceptable. The 12 inch standard was for angle shots going through arms and chest cavities. I recently patterned my 12 gauge 2 3/4 inch 00 buck from an 18 inch barrel cylinder bore and the results were terrible. I would not rely on a 25 yard shot with this setup, too much spread. I do still use this setup for home defense as my longest shot would be half of that and well within the pattern range. I'm going to be using a 12 gauge for coyote hunting later this month and I plan on trying different chokes and loads, (I was always under the impression that cylinder bore was best for buckshot, but my testing does not agree!) My brother killed a large doe at 60 yards using 00 buck and a full choke Rem 870. There were only three pellets in the vitals but it did the trick.
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