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Everything I've read says that they're great rifles, and the .243 is a great caliber. I shoot a Model 10 in that caliber. Try Reloder 22 with those AMaxes. I'm getting better than 3100 fps from my barrel with nicely radiused primers, smooth bolt lift and easy extraction.

I believe that we're living in a golden age of rifle manufacturing. Both Savage and Ruger have come out with extremely accurate rifles, manufactured using innovative methods and they're really holding down the cost. Other manufacturers are also making rifles that shoot really well for under $500.00. This is a great time to be a rifleman.

I bought two left-hand Savage Axis rifles (.25-06)for teenaged grandsons for Christmas. We've had a chance to only shoot one, and it looks like it will hold MOA with my standard reload recipe for that caliber. If Ruger had made a left-hand American, I might have had to agonize more over the decision.
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