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Personally I have owned the 41 longer than I have the 44, and have had no issues with finding brass for either nor finding bullets for either so what has been put in as that argument is a wash. One simply has to know where to look and it is all available. It really sucked when Remington discontinued the 170gr SJHP but other than that, Sierra has one darned good one that fits the bill for a fast paced load. Just about every manufacturer makes one in 210gr, and some even heavier. For the most part I shoot the Remington 200gr SJHP and have no found much if any need to go heavier. For bras one need go no further than Starline for some of the bst in the business in both calibers.

As for one verses the other, flip a coin. I will agree that factory ammo is sometimes difficult to find, but we know you already have internet access so that is a moot point as well there are plenty of places who stock it on the net and one simple search can find them.

I also have a couple of 357's a 45 Colt and a 454 so I have the full option of picking up any one of them to head out with. I usually tote the 454 around but have to admit the 45 Colt is getting more time nowadays. I carried the 41 for nearly 15 years every time I went to the country. I still do, but am trying to draw some blood with the newer ones simply because I have them. The 41 has served me VERY well over the years with more one shot stops on hogs, than some of my rifles. Shooting them at ranges of a few feet to out past 100yds it is amazing how well it does the deed with so little effort, and this with a 200gr SJHP loaded to only 1350fps. While to some that might be a monster load, but to me it is not much more than a plinker, especially when compared tot he 300gr loads from the 454 bumping along at 1550 to 1700fps.

Like has been mentioned over and over again, there simply isn't much difference in the two, both will do the same jobs equally well if the fellow behind the trigger puts it where it needs to go.
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