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I am glad to hear you finally got your Dillon running correctly rajbcpa, as I recall last summer it was giving you a fit.

Anyway my LnL still works pretty good. Yesterday I thought I had a issue with it but it turned out the problem was with the brass I was processing. I was going to use it to pre prime some .204 cases with it and for some reason the primers were sitting high. They were Winchester cases so I dug out one of my Hornady .204 cases and it primed fine, did a .223 using the same shell plate and again it primed fine. Must be that Winchester brass. No big issue since I process all my rifle except .223 plinking on my single stage but lately I have been using the Hornady to pre prime all my brass. I just pre primed .223 with what I had left in that primer tube then hand primed the Winchester stuff. I can go through a tray of 100 primers in about 10 minutes including the pick up and load time using that LnL. I go a lot slower when doing a full cartridge load but for pre priming it smokes.
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