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Standard configuration has no pistol grip so it should escape a ban if like the previous ban. As far as pricing.....I bought one just the other day for $650 locally off Craigslist. Still have enough to buy my Service Grade M1 from CMP store now!

I posted a WANTED "mini 14 or Mini 30" on Craigslist and a guy contacted me immediately with the offer for two SS underfolders...wanted over $1300 each. Then another guy an hour later emailed me with offer for like new Ranch Rifle . It is a like new rifle 195 Series from 1996 and it is like new! Said he bought for Ground hog hunting and never used it. Said only fired a few rounds through it and it looks like it. Only bad part of it is that it only came with one 5 rd mag. I ordered two NEW Ruger Factory 20 rders from Copes for $40 each and should be here by the weekend. I shot it the other day when I was sighting in my muzzleloader and it was decent. This is the older style with thin straight barrel, but at 50 yds offhand I had 2" groups with cheap UMC. I'm happy enough, got it for pretty much going rate before the frenzy!

Check Armslist out....plenty of good deals out there. The newer 580+ series do have better accuracy reports, but some of the older ones do ok too. I'm sure if I used some good handloads and used my leadsled I could get it to around 2" or less at 100 yds. Much more reliable platform than any AR15!

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