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The Second Amendment does not, has not, and will not guarantee unregulated access to and use of all arms. It is pointless to pretend otherwise.
It was written that way, I think. ..... and thus even folks on our side have ceded ground ..... moving the "middle ground" further toward greater gun control......

Even our when we do manage to get something in return from the Antis for further restrictions in one of these "compromises", such as the NRA's "Firearms Owner's Protection Act of 1986" which was supposed to allow for travel from one place to another with a firearm, even through places where guns were essentially illegal, we get screwed. You cannot fly into NYC and have a layover .... for this we traded away full auto ..... our gain is ignored by the authorities, our loss is honored by us, and ruthlessly enforced by the authorities .... to the point that malfuncioning guns going runaway have been prosecuted as crimes.

No more such "compromises": We are running out of cake.
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