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I came into the 44 Magnum club a bit reluctantly.

I like the 45 Colt for my purposes, which is just target shooting for fun. Not a hunter , competitor, or anything serious like that. Just shoot for fun for the most part. Have a nice tuned Blackhawk to punch paper with.

I stumbled into a used Virginian Dragoon in 44 Magnum that caught my eye. Real nice revolver, and the price was reasonable. Would have prefered it to be in 45 Colt, but being here in Mass.... I couldn't be too picky, and this Virginain Dragoon was "grandfathered" so I figured I'd snatch it up.

Bought a set of RCBS dies, and a few boxes of commercial loads. Shot those up and got some lead and started reloading.

The thing that's impressive to me about the 44 is the wide variety of bullets available to the reloader. Lots of choices. Heck, I even loaded up a few small batches with Goex! Talk about a HOOT!! Loaded up some 1100fps-ish smokeless, and even tried some Trail Boss out. ALL worked out to be very good shooting and fun.

The 44 turned out to be a lot more versitile than I would have thought.

Truth be told though... if the Virginian Dragoon had been a 41, I'd have bought a set of dies and brass for that too.
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