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Originally Posted by myshoulderissore
The thing is, they ARE willing to compromise, their "small bites" approach is proving quite effective over time. My whole goal with starting this thread was to discuss current reality in reasonable terms, to discuss how WE (gun lovers and whatnot) could improve the fight on our side using the same tactic.
How would using the same tactic help us?

They're trying to take something away from us. We have nothing to gain and they have nothing to lose. Any "compromise" by us gives up something we have and gains us nothing in return.

Compromise requires that both sides have something to give and something to gain.

Gun control is completely one-sided. We have only to lose and they have only to gain.

"Compromise" in this kind of scenario is actually appeasement. Hoping to give something up so they'll leave us alone.

They didn't leave us alone after 1934. They didn't leave us alone after 1968. They didn't leave us alone after the Hughes Amendment. They didn't leave us alone DURING the AWB and they won't leave us alone until every formerly legal firearm is GONE.

That's their compromise and we have nothing to gain by going along.
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