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I know that there are some experts that can help me. ( I hope)...

Try to find an existing gun with said grips and see how they support your grip. Some grips result in the pad of the trigger finger ending up in a poor position. That may result in pulling or pushing the aim. Especially in rapid fire. The problem is more pronounced on a short barrel. To the point that you will miss or score very low. If you can't find one to try out, ask the grip customer support to provide a similar weapon grip so you can see how that might place your grip before you buy and find out it effects your aim. They might be able to supply you with a diameter so you can try a guess-ta-mate approach for sizing. If you are in a gun club, you may be able to find some one there.

I have the gun. I don't like the grips that are on the gun now. I need fatter grips to fit my large hands.
I though someone new a site (company) that sold them. I really don't need advice on grips I just a place that will have them.
Now, now - You did ask for an expert. You didn't expect an expert to listen to your question did you? LOL!

I unfortunately am not an expert and don't know where you can get grips for your Llajma.

But I did google up these...

.. and more info...

... I did use the search function on the Tombstone site and he does a number of variations for the Mini-Max.

And this search (for images) takes you in a lot of different directions...

What I don't get is the number of "punnisher" grips... go figure!

Hope this helps...
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