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If you'd like the opinion of someone who actually owns a Kahr/Auto Ordnance. I think they are well worth the money and a great value. Kahr seems to work out ant complaints I've ever read about the Auto Ordnance on the internet.

Check out the collection of 1911s that bac1023 posted in this thread, I notice he owns an Auto-Ordnance, so that should also tell you that they, probably aren't too bad, given the obvious fact that he can afford the very best.

I have eight 1911s and the Auto-Ordnance is the least expensive one I own, but if it wasn't any good, I would have written that it wasn't. If I had problems with it, I would have related them to you now.

So far however, its been great. Keep in mind though, that its only one example, but Kahr seems to have good customer service, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting any problems taken care of.
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