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I'm a firm believer in shooting full-weight, original-caliber-design specification bullet weights... 147 gr. or 124 gr. (minimum) in 9mm.
FWIW 147gr 9mm ammo is a relatively recent development- early 1980s IIRC. Also IIRC, German military bullets started out at 124gr and progressed to 115gr and then 108gr due to raw material shortages late in WWII. For many years, American commercial manufacturers largely stuck with these 3 weights. The 147gr bullet was intended to maintain decent muzzle energy while keeping the bullet subsonic when used in a ~10"bbl submachine gun with a suppressor.

I have a copy of the "Gun Digest Book of 9mm Handguns" published in 1986; it includes a test of almost every commercial 9mm load from the major US manufacturers along with some foreign firms and boutique companies, and the heaviest bullet in the test is 124gr. Several SD loads had bullets in the 95-100gr range, as conventional wisdom at the time was to maximize velocity to ensure reliable expansion. Times have changed.
Carguychris, the box is Winchester 9mm, silver box, and says right on it "super Unleaded". 147 grain.
My bad, I hadn't heard of it! However, after a little Googling, it seems like most sources seem to agree that it's basically RA9SXT with a different bullet. It's still a standard pressure load. Fire away.
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