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Carrying two guns at the beach?... Seriously?
I carry my guns on me, and not in the car were it could be broken into and criminal hands use it on someone. No one is taking my guns, you guys are acting like my guns are going to magicially get lost at the beach/fall off of me? Seriously?............ I wear a shirt so I can still conceal it, or if I take my shirt off I can keep it in my pocket/smart carry.

I just was asking for a good gun under $350 that can handle some sand/abuse, and I get comments that say WHY CARRY AT THE BEACH. I might want to walk down to the ice cream shop and grab one before I head home.

If a beach had numerous rapes, armed robbery's, and murders
Who ever said that? Any place you go can be dangerous, criminals go to the beach too.

So far my choices are

#1 Glock in 40 cal LEO TRADE IN (if I can find one)
#2 Bersa 9mm compact
#3 CZ82
#4 Bersa 380
Has Taurus really spent more on shipping customers their firearms back to them than actual sales?

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