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I actually meant I pull the slide back, close it, pull the slide back, close it, repeat while the gun is im the COLD car because i figured if the slide still
Opens the gun should be good to go.

I will test fire as often as I can... Normally that's maybe ever 6 months. The closest legal place to shoot is 30 miles up deep into the mountains (which blew my tire out twice when I spent the time to go there. Then there is one actual range out here, closed half the time to weather so it sucks. That is also 45 min drive to just "test it out" and pay for it. Being outdoor
Range kinda hard to sit there in 5 degree weather and practice. At least for me. So sadly there is almost no where to go shooting out here unless you go deep into the forest. And during the winter, it's risking your life out here, you drive up hill on cliffs and you move a couple inches too far or slide... It's over. Pretty lame. I had a shooting range that was close by, only one in town, shut down by the city. Seems to be trending.
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