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I agree wholeheartedly that there is an issue of over, incorrectly, even inappropriately medicating.

In high school, I wasn't the best of students. The school had a bunch of state grant money for assisting underachieving students. They convinced my parents to go along with enrolling me in counseling. Well, guess what, I was told I had ADHD. Here's a prescription for Adderal. Take these pills, they'll balance you out and help you be normal.

Wrong, I couldn't sleep, had no appetite, and was extremely restless. To deal with the restlessness, I had to hyper focus on a task or subject.

After a couple weeks of this nonsense, I threw the pills in the trash and told the doc she was incorrect and where she could take her prescription pad and how to get there. (I was 17 at the time and a little more blunt in stating my opinions then)

I wasn't a poor student because of some disorder. I was bored. High school seemed to be a farce, all the subjects studied were the same material re hashed over and over each year. I would rather have been fishing and camping, or chasing the girls than be stuck inside all day.

There seems to be cycles of fad diagnoses that come and go. When I was in school, if a kid didn't like school, they must have ADD or ADHD. The blanket of criteria was quite large.

Like others have stated earlier, there is big money to be made in drugs and healthcare. If there is money to be made and the margins of expenses at the cost to others are within the limits, the money will be made.

Are there societal, medical, and pharmacological issues that are the real underlying problem? Yes. However, I'm not too optimistic about the crux of the matter being addressed. Certain groups would rather blame the instrument instead of the person who wields it.
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