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A recipe for 1 oz of 1 oz of doesn't matter if you're loading 9's or OO Buck....untrue

Now what does matter -- is that you have the recipe for the right hull, wad, powder, primer, etc..../ but all of the OO Buck I've loaded, has been in typical target hulls.....Remington STS Hulls specifically.

So finding recipes is no big deal for OO Buck....
Buckshot loads are MUCH different than the same weight small shot loads. 1. Buck loads are stacked, and counted. 2. They don't always equal a certain weight, like 1 oz--1-1/8--so on. 3. Also they react to acceleration more like a solid slug than loose smaller shot. 4. if you intend them to sit inside a shot cup, you may have to use the next smaller size to get them to stack properly,(the shot cup thickness takes up room).

Buckshot loads are most times loaded on top of stacked fiber wads, called a composite wad column. Another way is to cut the petals off a one piece shotcup, loading the buck in layers of 2,3 or 4 on top of the base of the shotcup. They can be fold crimped, or better yet roll crimped.
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