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If a beach had numerous rapes, armed robbery's, and murders.... Why go there?

The beach is the one place where everyone is pretty much bareing it all. Really hard to conciel. Someone please explain to me how carrying a gun at the beach, in the sand, by the water is practical. As a can of pepper spray would be a lot more practical, reasonable, and a lot less expensive. Many more guns get lost at the beach than are ever used in self defense. I'd dare anyone to check with their own beach patrol or police agancy having jurusdiction at the local beach. A beach patrol armed with a handgun, A/R, and a shotgun most probably has very little to do with need. Most probably funding that must be spent or lost.

There are and always will be little guys, and big guys... very very rare is the instance when a firearm can be legally used to make up the difference. I think the beach is one situation when one should consider soloutions other than deadly force. Is fomeone opened fire on a crowded beach they may be open to criminal charges based on recklesness.

Carrying two guns at the beach?... Seriously?
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