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Glock 17 would be the only thing I would look at for that application. And I am most DEFIANTLY not a glock fan. But for complete simplicity for training, a full size 9mm glock would be a 8-9 out of ten on every mark. 2" ragged hole all day magazine after magazine without cleaning. If someone drops or bangs it around who cares? The slide finish is practically indestructible.

A good condition used one can be picked up for $400...Heck our local gun shop on average has 7-12 police trade-ins that consist of a mix including 17s, 21s, 22s and 19s for $325 and up pretty much any day of the week. Look into that in your area, more gun shops than you think do exchange programs with smaller departments. Typically the dark black finish on the slides have turned "graphite" colored from holster wear, and they have some nicks and dings in the plastic on the frame, but most of them still shoot like new.

Now if you were going to pull out all the stops and get something nicer without completely braking the bank, a Kimber Custom II, Springfield loaded or Beretta 92 is what I would get.

Our local NRA guy loaned me a 8" 686 one time (Indiana doesn't have any CC quirks (yet) But the rest of his loaners with the exception of a stainless Springfield 1911 are glock 17s.

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