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Every time the grabbers (yes, even your friends and aquaintances) talk about "you don't need x to hunt ducks" or "nobody wants to take away your target gun used for a "legitimate" sport", you need to very plainly explain - the 2nd has nothing at all to do with target sports (except as a form of training, or "regulation" in the language of the day) or hunting. Duck hunting is not a constitutionally protected activity, nor are hunting arms.

  • The 2nd amendment is not about hunting.
  • The 2nd amendment is not about target shooting.
  • The "militia" was not, is not, and can never be a government entity, state or federal. That is called a "standing army".
  • The National Guard is not the "militia" that the 2nd talks about. The NG is merely an extension of the standing army, technically controlled by state governors but able to be activated and federalized (happens all the time).
  • The "militia" of the Constitution is defined as "all the people"., specifically those people not in the employ or uniform of the state or federal gov't.
  • "Well regulated" does not mean regulated by the government, it means practiced, effective, equipped, skilled. So, a "well regulated militia" in today's english means a "well equipped and skilled (in the use of arms) population of free citizens". Skilled and equipped for hunting? No, for maintaining the security of a free state, or "securing" the continued existence of a free state, from enemies. Foreign and domestic.
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