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I work part time in a gun store. We have gotten new Marlins in over the past few months. We've gotten a 336w, 336c, 1894ss 44 mag, 1894 blue 44mag, 1895 guidegun, and 1895 blue 45/70. All of them were in fine condition. no large gaps in the wood to metal finish, blueing looked fine. I saw no glaring defects in any of the rifles. Maybe they have gotten their -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- together. I still wouldn't pass up a like new used JM Marlin but I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new "Remlin" if I wanted one. One thing is that they are NOT shy on their pricing. I would want to see what I was buying and wouldn't order one sight unseen as I'm sure there are probably some stinkers still out there. Good luck
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