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I entered the Army in July 1966, and the issue weapon was an M-14. Three years later as a Captain in the Republic of Vietnam, I was issued an M-16. Being in a medical battalion of the 101st Airborne (Airmobile) stationed at Camp Eagle near Phu Bai, I acquired a 1911, a Colt 38 revolver, an M-79 grenade launcher, an M-1 carbine with a pistol grip and shortened barrel and various explosives and miscellaneous military gear. But alas, I left it all there when I rotated home (I really wanted to take home the 38 revolver and wrestled with the situation knowing that it was unlikely that I would get caught, but knowing if I did get caught I would be in big, big trouble as a Captain). The 1911's that I had at one time or another were all, let us say "loose". They were old, and you could actually hear parts rattle around when you shook the gun. But they fired and were always looked at as a "last resort" weapon if you were overrun. My favorite weapon was the M-79, which worked great to scare off sharks (and anything else that might be in the water) when a group of us would fly down to the beach to swim in the South China Sea.
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