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On the Sunday talk shows it was debated whether any action would be taken...
If you recall, Feinstein said she would introduce her bill on "DAY ONE"....
Now, it's as "soon as possible"...

The discussion basically centered around political realities- and what "fight" might be taken in the first year.

Gun Control?

Immigration Reform? Other?

Chuck Todd rightfully pointed out that trying to pass new gun control laws- including AGAIN the AWB that had already been in effect for ten years to no effect- had a large chance of FAILURE.

Is Obama willing to spend the next year on that fight- and most likely lose- or finally tackle immigration reform that both sides acknowledge needs to be done, and has a much higher chance of success.

Whatever your or my opinion of his policies, he is the consummate politician.

I do think there may be some compromise, such as the gun-show loophole, but no way will a re-make of the AWB make it through the House- and I honestly doubt it has any chance even in the Democratic Senate. answer your question...

IFFFF (and that's a huge if), Feinstein's AWB were law in current form, future value AFTER it would be in effect would be zero. Can't transfer ownership, so it has no value to a law-abiding citizen. Beforehand, it would be interesting. There are millions of these on circulation, so you'll have sellers that own them, that would choose to cash out.. could result in an oversupply, which might actually drive prices down from the ridiculous panic level they're at now.
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