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They cost the same to shoot. If you are a hand loader, cost never enters the equation.
This isn't accurate. If you are a handloader, you can aboslutely have the full range from either round and doing so is EASILY accomplished, but to say that cost never enters the equation isn't correct, really, at all. .44 Mag brass is WIDELY available, .41 Mag brass is not, and the two aren't close. Further, .44 Mag slugs are much more available and some available in bulk, comparable .41 Mag slugs simply are not. The difference is smaller if we are talking about cast lead bullets, but if we are talking jacketed slugs, the .44 Magnum is cheaper to handload and components are easier to get with more choices in the matter.

I'm not saying that .41 Magnum is bad, tough, or impossible to handload. I'm not saying anything of the sort. I am simply saying that .44 Mag beats it for ease and for cost at the load bench.

I wonder your idea of 'Better'. A .41 magnum shooting a 210 grain GDHP at 1200 fps is it really less punishing than a .44 magnum shooting a 210 grain GDHP at 1200 fps ? I doubt it. The main thing I looked at was the .44 magnum can be downloaded to .41 magnum ballistics, but the .41 magnum cannot be uploaded to .44 magnum ballistics.
Actually, if both are otherwise the same guns, the .41 Magnum wins by the numbers. Enough to notice? Unlikely. However, the .44 Mag will need a bit more powder to attain the same velocity with the same slug than the .41 Mag will, which adds (however small) to the recoil. Further, the .41 Mag has smaller holes in the cylinder and bore which means more steel in both places with means more weight, which mitigates recoil.

If you meant that the difference would be negligible, I agree. If you want mathematically calculable facts, .41 Magnum offers less felt recoil here.
Once again, for you .44 fans,

Arguments in favor of the .44 mag in this thread based on "power/energy" would compel one to get a .454 or .460 or whatever. Get whichever one makes the most sense to you. They are both good choices.
I totally agree!

As for the "logic" above, anything your .44 mag can do my .454, .460, .480, .475, .500 can do better.
Not true. You can't build those guns to be as svelte as a .44 Magnum. Or...maybe you could BUILD one, but it'd be a one-off. They aren't offered as small as a .44 Mag.

Now...I'm just having fun with some of the posts I've read because I'm late to the conversation. Going by how the OP worded it, his answer seems like an easy one to me.
--if he's a handloader, he should get the .41 Magnum. He's not "needing" the power for anything specific such as hunting, he just wants a new .4x revolver. .41 Mag is cool, effective, enjoyable and it has the angle of being something a bit different that is not as common. It sounds like he's looking for something of that nature.

--if he's not a handloader, he's handicapped if he selects a .41 Magnum. I think even THIS group can agree on that.

For my own opinion on what I would do... I'm a long time, dedicated and absolute hobbyist handloader. I live to make ammo at the bench and enjoy it immensely. And I bought a... .44 Magnum. Mostly because of what I detailed above...component bullets and brass availability. But I also load some damn good .41 Mag ammo for my buddy who bought a gorgeous Model 657 that I would absolutely love to own. It's a fantastic revolver and I love shooting it and I'm more than happy to help feed it.

What's the best answer otherwise?! .45 Colt can do what the .44 Magnum can do and beyond, and EASILY do much, much less, as long as you choose a .45 Colt revolver that is acceptable for heavy .45 Colt. And though the .460 S&W and/or .454 Casull can do that too, again, the .45 Colt revolver is closer to the size/weight of a .44 Magnum gun where the Casull and .460 are typically massive in size.

I think it's a fun debate and fun discussion and I'm not sure why some people CLICK on the topic if they just come to it to get peeved off at each other. It's a discussion forum. Go google a knitting forum if you don't have the desire to discuss .41 Mag vs .44 Mag. Sheeeeeeesh.
Attention Brass rats and other reloaders: I really need .327 Federal Magnum brass, no lot size too small. Tell me what caliber you need and I'll see what I have to swap. PM me and we'll discuss.
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