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I have a friend that had an issue after taking Paxil. We were just out of high school, he was the class valedictorian. His mother thought he was getting depressed (his father was murdered a few years before). She took him to a local doctor that is well known for a loose prescription pad. He took the Paxil, a month and a half later he had to be committed. He thought he was Jesus on his second coming, honestly. He has not been the same since. Medicine can really mess with you. I took arthritis medicine that made me paranoid and angry.... I have since quite taking ANY medicine other than glucosamine for it. We have many problems that contribute to these tragedies. The sad part is I doubt we could ever stop them. I do however think there are contributing factors that can be helped, like better mental Heath care. There is no one answer to stop any of this. Firearms are not the blame, people and their multitude of issues are.
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