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The problem I have / see with most forward cant holsters is that the gun must be pulled forward or vertical at best to get it out. I prefer the ability to draw with a rearward motion or rock if you will. Try to do Bill Jordans exercise of placing a flash bulb on the back of your hand above the holster and draw quick enough for the ball to drop into the holster with most forward cant holsters. I see this as especialy important for civilian carry as we cannot draw until we're in imminent danger which could put the BG very close or on top of us. A rearward, defensive draw could be vital in keeping the gun out of BG's hands and allowing its use.
It is always going to be a matter of compromise, as in those who carry their guy canted just for the purpose of not having to put up with the muzzle of the gun being pushed on by the car seat. They just have to accept the idea that they will have to wear the holster in canted position and make the best of it with a lot of practice to overcome the negative influence of the cant.
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