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I'm happy with the AO, but lowering the ejection port on it really made it 100%. I never really cared for a 1911 until I hit the civilian market. I had a 1991 as well, but sold it because the AO slicked up so well. The Viet Nam era GI 1911 was a totally different proposition. I know that some units really enforced who carried what, but most units had an underground quartermaster, if you wanted something for yourself. Some really wild stuff would show up, like Thompsons and M3s. We never concealed anything. We never got barfed.
I think most officers in that neck of the woods liked guns. That is why I think most guys would tote an M16 with the grenade launcher, and in very short order the M203 was issued. Then I saw more 1911s. Just an observation.
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