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Even if it costs you ...say $500 to get setup for a full shotshell press...say buying a MEC 9000-GN ----,198.html

as long as you save $ 2 a box, even for target only takes 250 boxes to make up your investment....and that's a pretty quick return. Some of us shoot 250 boxes in 3 months easily ...but even if it takes you a year to shoot 250 boxes...its still a quick return.

Most of the OO Buck I see for sale is about $ 1 per shell. I oz of shot in OO Buck is about 8 or 9 pellets per shell... even a premium Hornaday OO buck that I bought thru Cabelas was $27 for 5 a 1oz load of shot would be about $ 0.35 ( so shot is $0.35 per shell ) even with powder, wads, etc....( you use the same components for any 1oz shell --- you just load it with 1 oz of OO Buck vs 1oz of 8's )....the cost per shell is still way under $ 0.40 each....or a savings of $ 0.60 per shell....

so your payback on OO Buck is only between 800 and 900 shells...and I don't know how much OO Buck you want to shoot in one range session ...but even if its only 50 shells still have to have your investment back within a yr or so, I'd think.....and there has to be a way cheaper source of OO Buck out there for reloading other than Hornaday brand from Cabelas in a 5 lb box...

( I bought the 5 lb box of OO to run thru some .410 an American Derringer chambered in .410 or .45 Colt....just for some laughs !! ) .....not because I wanted to shoot 50 shells a week of OO...

and with a MEC 9000 GN - you have a very good can use for any number of 12ga shotshells...and wow, are they easy to sell on the used market if you don't like it. But if I was loading low volume, I'd buy the Grabber model ...for around $ 400 ...and save some money / still get a very good press.
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