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With all due respect, Mod...I'm partially disagreeing with you on this, for the same reasons I stated above.

The Formula One example isn't an analogy.

I wholeheartedly agree that you don't need a 5K stick to shoot long range.

In fact, Team Savage consistently competes competitively- and they WON the World Championship F-Class (F-TR) a few years ago, with bone-stock Model 12's...

We all know it's more about the shooter than the stick.

But buying an accurate platform (and, it can be a $2K Savage setup, or a more expensive custom or semi-custom)- in a long-range CAPABLE caliber, increases the odds of success.

I've read threads here where a new shooter says he wants to shoot long range, and .223's are recommended.

Now, I've only been at this game for a few years, and I'm a decent marksman. But the skill necessary to achieve any level of success at long-range with a .223 is exponential compared to other choices.

I've always been a believer in having the "right tool for the job". Whether in construction, or shooting, not having the right tool usually leads to frustration.

And while a .45/70 might be able to send a bullet that far, doesn't mean it would be a proper selection.

I do everything I can to maximize the accuracy of the platform (including the optic), and the ammo. The rest is up to me. Doesn't have to be a Formula One, but I sure don't want a 100 horsepower Yaris...

I can see NO disadvantage in a brand new shooter starting out with a high-end GAP custom if he can afford it. In fact, it will increase the odds of success, increase confidence, and as he/she learns, he won't need to upgrade because the rifle will always shoot better than he can.
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