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Get a better scale. It is the weakest link in that kit. It works, and is accurate, at the cost of being more difficult to use, and even at eye level difficult to see the numbers if you have problems with vision of small number, and tiny slots. I upgraded with a $25 digital scale. You can go with the RCBS beam scale for around $50 or so. It is money well spent either way.

I have the kit. I started with mine about 4 years ago. Still use the press, powder measure, trimmer, hand priming tool, and the case trimmer chucked in a drill.

You will need the case length gauge, and lock stud for each caliber for trimming. If you have a drill then you are good to go. If you do not have a drill then the Zip Trim can be had for $20 or so. You are going to have to trim the cases at some point in time.
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