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It's helpful to determine the adjustment range you need for a natural shooting position- where/how you normally shoot.

Harris is the best known, and reasonably priced on the market. I have also purchased several of their Wally World Winchester knock-offs and have no complaints about them- all being mounted on large caliber centerfires.

I recently bought a Blackhawk Sportster, pivot and traverse. Really pleased with the features for a price still less than a "standard" Harris.

Being able to make slight (or not so slight) adjustments to the rifle without moving the bipod's legs is a big plus. I can make ever so slight adjustments to get the rifle level (while looking at the anti-cant level), re-acquire faster with the pivot feature. I'll be buying more.

Whichever you choose, know whether the 6"-9" or 9"- 13" or so best fits where and how you shoot. Shooting prone with a 6"-9" for me was a non-starter, I'm a pretty big guy and it required me to get my head too close to the ground- with my neck at a very uncomfortable angle. OTHO, if you shoot bench only, depends on the height of the bench, and your size again, as to the optimal bipod height adjustment range.
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