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Prozac was the wonder drug of the 80s. However, for all the good it does, and all the people it helps there is also a down side that seldom, if ever gets mentioned. Oh, its in the medical literature that accompanies the drug, somewhere, in all that fine print...

The fact is, that a small percentage of people taking the drug react in virtually the opposite fashion than intended. A "small percentage of people" (some say as high as 10%, but the makers don't say that) become paranoid, delusional, and sometimes violent when taking the medication.

Prozac, Lithium, or some other medication for mental problems has been involved in virtually every mass shooting since the mid 1980s. At schools, mall, factories, or whererever. Many of the shooters have been on multiple prescribed medications (sometimes from different doctors without the doctors knowing about it), and several of the shooters added to the prescribed drugs with street drugs as well.

Professionals are describing this in their journals, and debating if there is any way to proove the drugs are a cause. I believe there is a link, but no of no way to proove it, because after all, we cannot read minds, and since most of the mass killings also include the death of the killer, there is no one left to explain what was on their minds at the time.

One of my relatives was one of the "small number" of those who had the adverse reaction. Instead of helping her be calm, and stable, the drug drove her right over the edge. Screaming fits at petty annoyances and violent reaction to petty challenges. Fortunately, friends, family, and herself did recognise the problem, and she discontinued those meds (against professional medical advice).

It really scared her, what she was becoming, and what she was afraid she would have done, had she continued to listen to the professional she was seeing. She lives a relatively happy and stable life today, without any meds for mental issues. She has to work at it, but tries hard, and generally succeeds.

One thing she is terrified of, is being put back on those drugs. AND, she has a very low opinion of the medical professionals prescribing them, because, in her case, the dr involved simply refused to listen to her, refused to believe (or accept) the plain fact that the meds were NOT working the way intended. IN fact, that Dr insisted that what was needed was a higher dosage! She quit those drugs, and she quit that Dr, and is better off because of it. Now do I think that is for everyone? No. Clearly each person is an individual, and needs individual treatment for their issues. What they don't need is a blanket "happy pill" that makes 97%of the people happy and the rest homicidally ******!

And that is another part of our problem. Wonder drugs are great, BUT...they aren't great for everyone, every time. Drs do the best, generally, but they are humans too (regardless of what some of them seem to think), they do make mistakes.

It is a very complex issue, and what seems straightforward and common sense can't be easily proven to a court, other than the court of public opinion, and that court is all to quick to jump to the wrong conclusions.
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