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7.62x61 S&H can be formed from necking up .300 H&H, it was based on a belted French machine gun round that Phil Sharpe picked up off of the ground in France. It is helpful seeing as how Norma stopped making brass for it long before I started reloading.

.221 Rem Fireball can be formed from .223 Rem brass, or .222 Rem brass. A lot of people were using the .221 Rem Fireball brass to form 300 ACC Black Out due to it being thinner, and easier than using .223 rem brass, and having to turn the necks.

.357 Wildey Mag was made from necking down a .475 Wildey Mag.

.35 Winchester Center Fire (WCF) can be made with .38 Special. A small amount of turning of the rim is needed. Then lube it, and run though the standard sizer.
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