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During the 1994-2000 ban prices went up but not astronomically. In part this was because other weapons were introduced that got around the various "offensive parts" issues and people bought them instead.

Despite all the doom, it's doubtful that Feinstein's AWB will pass in its current form. Like any other self-interested group, thoughtful politicians tend to require some sort of iron-clad guarantee against blowback before voting for it. To the extent that citizens can make their elected representatives aware that if they support the ban there will be payback in their future, they may be less enthusiastic about supporting the ban.

With respect to passing firearms to the next generation, contact a lawyer. It may be possible to establish a living trust, or a corporation, or both, to which ownership of your weapons may be legally transferred. That is, you don't own them - your trust does. When you die, your trust does not die and IIRC trusts may be administered by your heirs. Beretta is an example of a privately-held company that is more than 400 years old.

It's not quite a dictatorship yet. Possibly the most effective option broadly available to all of us is to make our voices heard. Contact your elected representatives. Explain calmly, rationally, professionally that you expect them to support your rights to own your firearms, and that this is what you voted them into office to do. If they cannot do so, next time you'll vote someone else into their office.
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