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I use LSWC's in all my38/357s, have been doing so for almost 40 years with great results.

For 38s I load 4.5 grns of unique for my 642 pocket gun and my M-64 ICORE revolver.

For 357s I load 14.5 grns of 2400 with the same bullet. Raises heck with bowling pins and I've shoot every thing up to moose and buffalo out of my 4 in Model 28 using that load.

I have gone to a 6 in Model 27 for bowling pens, I think the longer sight radius helps.

Both the 38 & 357s listed above also work great in my Marlin 94 38/357.

I don't see any reason what so ever to change.
Kraig are those close to max loads or nice comfortable loads ?

Thank you for the replies, I appreciate it
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