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Good find Alabama Shooter.

Does it seem reasonable that in grabbing a jacket the gun in the pocket went off twice?

Obviously the gun went off twice because there's two holes in the ceiling so that part of the story is not in doubt. Maybe the thief and the cop were fighting for control of the gun? (But it doesn't say that in the story.)

Pin-wheel semi-auto story. For Lost Sheep and Glenn, I heard it when I visited a Texas Instrument campus in Dallas around 1978. My version was a security guard heading out to his car 'for just a minute' didn't bother unloading the gun and hung it on a peg in the arms safe and it went off several times spinning around on the peg with richochets going out into the room. I trust Lost Sheep's version that it was written up in a gun magazine and my friend that told me the story was embleshing it and making it local.

It IS the kind of story that sticks in your mind.
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