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We use gas all the time. Use of force every day in some units. Current spray is Sabre Red, AKA "seasoning in a can". We went to the water based formula, abandoning our Bodyguard LE-10 that had worked so well, because it was alcohol based, and an inmate in Florida had apparently been doused with an alcohol based spray then tased - and he lit up. Oops. So we went to this stuff.
I am NOT immune to gas, hate the stuff. Ever try to keep a camera going on a scene where someone has been liberally sprayed right in front of you? Caught enough backblast on that one that 90% of the sound on tape was me coughing and gagging. We are switching to a new one called Phantom, (being a guy who carries a CZ SP-01 Phantom, I have to say I like the name ), which already has a reputation of being extremely effective. About time.
I HAVE seen someone take the taser with little to no effect - he rode the lightning four times with little to no effect. He gave up because he was getting bored. I have also met people immune to OC, and trust me, hot peppers have nothing to do with it. If it did, many of our inmates would be immune - jalapenos are a very popular item on the store list.
BTW, holy thread resurrection, Batman!
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