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You left out Joseph Wesbecker (among others). If you had included him you would have seen what "blaming the drugs" puts you up against in real life.

In the Wesbecker case the relatives sued Eli Lilly over the shooter use of Prozac. Eli Lilly then committed various frauds at the civil trial and paid off the plaintiffs under the table in order to secure a favorable ruling. It is believed that EL paid more than the plaintiffs were suing for in order to get a ruling in their favor. Later the ruling was thrown out and the KY Supreme Court ruled it a "settlement". No punitive action was ever taken against EL or it's attorneys.

That said I do wonder. We have always had insane people in society. The level of mass shooters seems to be at some kind of new high. Given the huge number of shooters who are taking these kind of drugs, the huge increase in administering these drugs in recent years and the relationship seems much more than casual.

Proving it in a court of law or scientifically is another thing entirely.
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