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So after reading and contributing to this post, I wanted to try my 'MOA all day' capability.

Arrived at the range with a newly mounted scope (added new base / rings) and a 50 pack of Black Hills. (normally shoot cheaper ammo, but in a shortage, I will pay $0.80 a pull) Shot 5 to warm up the barrel and find my 0, shot a couple more making fine adjustments and a few retesting after replacing zeroed caps.

With 40 rounds remaining, I dialed down 0.5" (to preserve my point of aim) and fired the following 8 five shot groups onto my targets 1 inch dots.

Here is the setup.

Savage 12 FCV .223
69g Black Hills match
100 yard outdoor range
temp 38F
wind 7-10 from about 80d (so very minor)

Before I did the measurments with On Target, I thought I had blown it with one target, but I narrowly snuck in under 1 MOA.

I shot (in MOA) from worst to best....

Is 40-rounds-in-a-row 'all day'...... debatable, but I will claim at least a tie.

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